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just let me cry ..'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
just let me cry ..

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7:07pm February 6th]
this angel in training has finally found her wings.

11:22pm December 22nd]

qu0tes.<3Collapse )


10:11am December 21st]


9:13am September 4th]
[ mood | curious ]

wow. long time no update.
this is what i have to say,
i needed to write.

i love how no matter what you do to me, i always seem to come running back to you. i just bite me tongue when you say all the rude things to me that you do. i was never mean to you, & yet you always seem to be completely horrid to me. I love how no matter what you say, you always find a way to make up for it. I love how i hate you so much outside, but inside, you are all i think about. I love how when you call me at 5 oclock in the morning, i always answer it, because i know its you. i love the way your voice gets all depressed when your sad about something, or when even when were fighting and i call you, you always answer the phone in your cheerful little "Hey!". But sometimes you have to wonder if its all really worth what you are putting me through? Is love meant to be this hard? Is love supposed to hurt this bad? I love how Love can make you feel like your on the top of the world, & then with the blink of an eye you can feel like you dont even need to exist. & i love how no matter what im going through, you are there with me. i love being stupid with you & i love everything we do, the long talks, the kisses, the cuddling, the way you look at me, & how you hold my hand so hard like you never want to let go. I love the way you grab me and put your arms around me and hug me so hard i can hardly breathe, but it's like i can't breathe because you take my breath away. i love watching the golf channel and reading all the golf magazines. I love it when you sing to me in the car and always manage to hold my hand when your driving. I love the way you keep me here, waiting. I love the way you say were going to get married, and grow old together. I am never going to let this go, no matter what you do and no matter what you say, you always find your way back to were you belong, with me.♥

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12:27pm August 17th]
\\working @ fuddruckers && journeys.
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12:17am July 31st]
This week consisted of:
work, meeting tiger woods, amanda, & the buick open.
& as always, fighting w\ billy.

btw, heres a quote:
"Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get back together
Then I realize that we'll never truly be over.
In a way, it hasn't changed. And in others, it has.
It's not that we aren't meant for each other,
I think we're just not ready for forever."
(reminds me of me and him.♥)

and, i'd like to add something else..
no matter what anyone else says ..
im n e v e r going to leave you.

9:10pm July 14th]

3:58pm July 12th]

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5:42pm June 30th]
add me bitches.

7:15pm June 18th]
i know what it feels like to miss someone you love and to think that they don't love or miss you... and i could tell you the pain you'll go through and that for awhile everything reminds you of that person... and you miss them so much your heart aches. but i guess you're going to have to find that out for yourself because i'm not a part of your life anymore and i can't protect you from the pain... because you didn't protect me. i wonder what you think when you see me, do you remember the girl who loved you whole heartedly ? do you remember the one who would give her world for you, the one who loved you no matter what you decided to do. im the girl you took for granted, ignored and used, i loved you, wanted you, needed you, the girl you emotionally abused. i see you looking, waiting for me to glance, i know you'll see me but i still take the chance. i'll look for the last time at the boy who let me leave, im over you. & now you want me, isn't that hard to believe ? you're just a memory of a love that used to be. you're just a memory of a love that used to mean so much to me. & it finally hit me that you didn't care when you walked away.... and never looked back.. maybe one day i'll realize it wasn't love.

4:49pm June 13th]

... you can't jump the track were like cars on a cable

& lifes like an hour glass glued to the table ..

noone can find the rewind button boy ..

so cradle your head in your hands and breathe ..

just breathe ..


Mark Alore

6/04/05 #71


3:50pm May 9th]
new aim s.n ;;
oxo addicted

Ive decided some things today;
-i miss someone i shouldn't.
-i feel like im not with the right person.
-i was in love with him, and didn't even realize.
-i still am in love with him.
-i miss him.

-i love my best friend, amanda.
-i love my family, they are the best.

im gonna go though
xoxo, ♥ jackie*

Billy, no matter what happens, you can always make me smile, and i just want to thank you. i will a l w a y s love you.

by the way, my journal is going to be public, but ONLY sometiems.
like this one.

also, i've got a hot new layout.
check it out;)

3:26pm May 2nd]
Im sick and I feel like Im dyin.

5:15pm April 30th]
I just thought i'd tell everyone in this world,
that i am majorly in love. & no matter what
a n y o n e says or anyone does,
He's gonna be the one for me.

10:28pm January 16th]
Im making my journal friends only.
I'll have a banner tomorrow.


No one will ever have me like you do. [Sunday
8:13am January 16th]
today i was feeling ornery and stepped on the heels of the boy walking in front of me.
"there's no reason to go so slow," i told him.
"there's no reason so go so fast," he replied. "there's no reason to wear your hair down in front of your eyes so no one knows what you are feeling. there's no reason to walk with your arms folded so no one can hold your hand. ultimately, there is no reason to do your best to fail out of love just because you're afraid of getting hurt."
i haven't decided who was right.

I don't think there's such thing as a good hearted person.

Nice to know people care right?

So 2004 was pretty much the year of drama, with family, friends, boys.. and well non-family, non-friends, and ex's.

2005 - new start, I'm a new person, and if you don't like it, or don't believe it; fuck you.
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It was all that I wanted, now I’m living without [Thursday
9:40pm January 13th]
It must have been love but it’s over now
It must have been good but I lost it somehow
It must have been love but it’s over now
From the moment we touched ‘til the time had run out


10:49pm January 11th]
I may not understand anything about the world or anything that happens in my life. the only thing that makes sense to me is you and how I feel about you, that's all I'll ever need to know and that's enough for me for the rest of my life.

♥ 12.08.02 ♥

4:51pm January 11th]
don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.
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I Love You Billy Owen. [Monday
4:09pm January 10th]

... here comes the truth <3Collapse )

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